Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Apple's new iPhone launch confirmed for 10 September

Colourful handsets seem definite with invitations to the event promising news that "should brighten everyone's day"


Apple have begun sending out invitations to the launch of their latest iPhone, announcing the date as 10 September and all but confirming that new colours will be on the horizons for the company’s smartphones.

The invitations show an Apple logo imposed over a series of different coloured circles with the strap line “This should brighten everyone’s day.”
The launch event will take place at 10am Pacific time (5pm GMT) at the Apple Campus in Cupertino on Tuesday 10 September. It will also be simulcast to European journalists in Berlin at its Kurf├╝rstendamm Apple Store.
Most analysts predict that Apple will be launching two new smartphones at the event: an updated high-end model either named the iPhone 5S or iPhone6, and a cheaper, plastic-cased handset called the iPhone 5C.
It is the latter that has been the source of most speculation, with multiple sites leaking images which claim to show the new device. As well as leaked pictures, there has also been a video (see below). The 50 second clip was found on Chinese technology blog C Technology, and shows a colourful smartphone running Apple’s Safari browser.
The lower-cost iPhone 5C is expected to appeal to developing markets and first-time smartphone users. Around half of global mobile owners still use so called ‘dumb’ or feature phones, and as the market for high-end devices reaches saturation, analyst suggest that Apple needs to broaden its appeal.
An image purportedly showing the new iPhone 5C, leaked to
As well as new iPhone models it’s also expected that Apple will offer up more details on iTunes Radio, a new music streaming service, and iOS 7, the latest update to the company’s mobile operating system.
Other rumours of new Apple launches include a larger, 13-inch iPad, an iPhone with a 5.7-inch screen, and an ‘iWatch’. However, even if these devices do exist, none are expected to be revealed at the event on 10 September. 


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