Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Responsive Web Designing

Abalone are changing with the times and have started creating ‘Responsive Design’. A responsive design is a website that can be viewed on any screen, basically the responsive website will stretch or minimise to fit any type of device, from a small smartphone device screen right up to a projector screen! Content on your responsive design website will change automatically depending on the size of screen that you are viewing the responsive website with. If you are using a smartphone all of the content will align down the centre of the screen enabling simple touch activation to go to the required section.
Benefits of Responsive Design
With over 1 billion smartphone users at large, the need to have a responsive design that is compatible on these devices is growing. The benefits are enormous as mobile website statistics are now showing that by the year 2015 over 80% of internet users will be browsing the web using their smartphones and tablets. By thinking ahead your business should be thinking about these statistics, if you don’t have a website which has been made with a ‘responsive design’ you could be missing out on all the extra interest in your products and services.
Make it easy for your mobile customers to find information. Responsive web design allows your website to adjust to different layouts for a variety of different devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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